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2021 Conferences

Rally Organisers Conference

The Rally Organisers Conference was held as a Zoom Webinar on Saturday 27th March at 10:30am.  

This event was open to anyone who wished to attend regardless if you are currently authorised or not.

We had two guest speakers:

Ian Stone from One Broker who spoke about the proposed Event Organisers Insurance Scheme.

John Wye who is the Safety Officer for several events including South Cerney, his day job being to write NVQ courses, is a tutor and works in Health and Safety, talked about the two-day training course for rally monitors and rally organisers, and discussed the Purple Guide, our Code of Practice and Safeguarding.

In addition, there was an informative update from Head of Technical Services Unit, David Smith, and a few words from our Chairman, Rob Wing.

The Agenda was:

  1. Welcome: Charlie Cribbes
  2. NTET Matters: Rob Wing
  3. Event Organisers Insurance Scheme: Ian Stone, One Broker
  4. Technical Matters: David Smith
  5. Training Workshops: John Wye
  6. Covid-19 & Code of Practice Update: Charlie Cribbes


The webinar was recorded and will be available in due course.

Engine Owners Conference

The Engine Owners, Drivers & Crew meeting was held on Sunday 21st March at 10:00am.

Meeting Agenda

1. Welcome – Bob Siddall
2. Matters arising from last years meeting.
3. Insurance – Martin Levers, Business Unit Director, Walker Midgley Insurance Brokers
4. Technical Matters – coal – tyres etc – David Smith
5. Towing and the Law – Charlie Cribbes
6. Steam Apprentice Club – Nick Bosworth
7. Rallies – Charlie Cribbes
8. BESTT Update – Andrew Semple
9. NTET Matters – Rob Wing

A write-up of this meeting will be published in the Spring Edition of Steaming and on the website. The recording will be available in due course.