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Steam-It Sunday

Launched in 2016, Steam It Sunday is a national event firmly
based on the concept of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle
Clubs hugely successful ‘Drive It Day’.

The National Traction Engine Trust decided an event was needed
where we all try and promote Steam on the road in its various
forms, through a series of improvised and essentially free events
organised at grass roots and local level, just as it was done in the early days of the road going steam movement.

Always the first Sunday in October, we encourage everyone to have a steam-up, whether it be a full size engine, a miniature or a Mamod.

We have run out of Steam-it Sunday plates, however, you can download the below high-resolution logo PDF (in either A4 or A5) so you can print out your own.

We hope to have these back in stock in time for next years event.