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Organisation Introduction

Established since 1954 the National Traction Engine Trust has members of all ages and gender in over 20 countries world wide. The NTET has become the umbrella organisation for the Steam Traction movement with affiliations held by over 30 organisations in the UK and world wide.  These include the Road Locomotive Society, the Road Roller Association and many regional Clubs and Associations. The NTET itself is affiliated to the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, the Heritage Railway Association, the Heritage Fuels Alliance and the National Transport Trust.

Worldwide membership is active in Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. The signs are that interest in membership is growing in many other countries also.

Membership is available to Individuals, Families or as an Affiliated group/club.

How the NTET is Structured

The Chairman of the Trust serves for a 3-year period and is elected by the membership at an AGM which is held annually in November.  The Chairman leads both the General Council and the Executive Committee.  The AGM elects members of the General Council whose role is to implement the wishes of the AGM and to devise and monitor the operational strategies of the Trust. 

The Executive Committee, is made up of Section Heads, the General Secretary and the appointed Treasurer. It is charged with taking care of the day-to-day business of the Trust.

Two Vice Chairmen of the General Council are elected from the Executive Committee.  The General Council meets four times per year in March, June, October and December.  The Executive meet immediately prior to the GC but also at other times when necessary to carry out Trust business.

Steam Apprentice Club

Young people upto age 21 are encouraged to join and become an active participant in the Steam Apprentice Club which provides encouragement and education in all things steam, from the age of 0 to 21.  However, for practical reasons and learning purposes we do not encourage the younger ones onto engines until they are 6 or 7 years old.

Join the NTET

For information on other benefits and advice on how to become a member see: Join the NTET.

The NTET acknowledges its duty of care to members and to the general public and accordingly expects members of the Trust to comply with its Health and Safety Policy, a ‘pdf’ copy of which may be viewed by clicking here

The NTET is a registered charity (Reg. Charity No 291578) and is governed by a formal constitution. An Annual General Meeting is held in November, at a venue of interest, where the officers are elected and the main objectives are set for the forthcoming year.