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Rally Organisers Information

Rally Organisers Code of Practice

The NTET publishes a Code of Practice for the ‘better organisation of steam traction engine events’ which comprehensively deals with all aspects of safety, event management and control.  It is presented in an easy to read and practical manner and contains many examples including event layouts and risk assessments.  The RO CoP underpins the NTET’s Rally Authorisation Scheme and is free to organisers of Authorised Events.  Organisers of currently Authorised Events may access the RO COP for viewing, downloading or printing by logging into  Rally and Event Services

It may also be purchased through the Head of the Rally Organisers Section; enquiries via

Rally Organisers and Safety Officer Training

Each year, before the Rally season starts, the Rally Organisers Section hosts a Rally Organisers and Safety Officers Conference which is open to representatives of all types of historic vehicle rallies and events.

The aim of the Conference is to explain new legislation, share ideas and experiences and provide feedback to the Section. In addition specialist speakers are used for specific / current topics of interest.

Safety seminars can also be arranged locally depending on demand.  For more details send an email to

NTET Health Safety Policy

The NTET acknowledges its duty of care to members and to the general public and accordingly expects its members to comply with its Health and Safety policy.

Click here to view, download or print a pdf copy of the NTET Health and Safety Policy

Authorised Events Disc Checking Facility

As part of its Safety Policy the NTET operates a scheme which uses a distinctive, coloured disc to display to interested parties the ID and current status of Insurances, Boiler Inspections and Safe Working Pressure relating to stationary and road going steam powered engines. The disc is affixed to the depicted device in a position that affords easy scrutiny.

NTET Insurance Discs are issued to the owners and keepers of engines, either by the NTET’s Insurance Officer or by ‘Disc Issuing Insurance Agents’ who are authorised by the NTET . 

Details of all discs issued are stored electronically on the NTET’s Web Services website in support of the on-line disc checking facility offered to Authorised Events.  Each year the organisers of Authorised Event are issued with a unique Event Access Code and Password which provide access to the Rally and Event Services.

Disc Update 8th August 2022:
Missing Disc Data causing frustration for Authorised Event Organisers!

When the new on-line Insurance Disc system went live earlier in the year, we were not aware that data for some Insurance Discs which had been issued using the old redundant system was not made available to us for loading into the new system.

Consequently, when using the Disc Search facility, Event Organisers are unable to find evidence of those discs but are then concerned to find that ‘active’ Discs are displayed on their engines.

The NTET acknowledges that this situation is frustrating but emphasise that it is not a reflection of the performance of the new system and is not of the NTET’s making.

The data relating to new discs issued by the on-line system will always be available to the Disc Search facility and as the season wears on the gap created by the ‘missing discs’ will no longer be an issue.