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Aims & Objectives


The NTET aspires to be the Organisation of Choice for the vintage steam enthusiast, engine owner or driver and events organiser working together to meet a common aim, Preserving our Heritage in Steam on the Road.


The main aims of the NTET are to:

  • Encourage ownership and the preservation of all forms of steam powered equipment in authentic settings
  • Set and encourage high standards in equipment maintenance and operation
  • Provide facilities to share the basic skills in engine management
  • Provide facilities to assist drivers and crew to demonstrate competence
  • Attract junior members via the Steam Apprentice Club
  • Set and monitor safety, environmental and operating standards in rallies and event organisation
  • Secure insurance and other related services for the benefit of members and rally organisers
  • Support the maintenance of records of engine manufacturers, design, livery and colour schemes, history and ownership
  • Encourage and monitor safeguarding of the natural environment
  • Monitor, challenge and manage the introduction of legislation as it effects the movement
  • Encourage wider membership through a membership benefits scheme
  • Communicate with members, clubs, organisations and the general public through public media outlets and our in house magazine ‘Steaming’
  • Affiliate with like-minded bodies in the UK and World Wide
  • Promote the production and distribution of books and pamphlets, photographic, audio and video media and other related memorabilia