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Archive Steam Rally

Welcome to the NTET’s Archive Steam Rally 2020, created during the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, where our Members have shared and reflected on memories of bygone events, whilst being unable to attend the usual rallies.

Photo Credit and Copyright remains with the respected members.

Roderick Kerry

The Fodens were taken in the 1960s, and the Jack Russell engine driver about 10 years ago.

Ian Corfield

This is Rempstone Rally back in 1965. Ian suspects he is the 7 year old in the bottom right of the picture… 29 years later he purchased a steamroller which he still owns today.

Rempstone, 1965
Rempstone, 1965

Bob Siddall

Hykeham Rally 28 May 1960

Colin Melvyn Harris

Market Bosworth Rally c.1964 and 1968.

Bob Siddall

Skegness Rally 19 June 1960

Phillip Steer

Horsham Rally, 1973

Bob Siddall

Rempstone Rally, 16 July 1960