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An Evening with Amy Goodwin

‘An Evening with Amy Goodwin’ was held on Tuesday 18th May at 7:00pm

With the Steam Apprentices in mind and anyone else who would like to join in, from 7:00 til c.7:30pm we explored how to draw and paint a letter in the style of a Showman engine’s canopy, with a film demonstration & chat with signwriter, Amy Goodwin. (Brilliant if you love colouring in!) We ran a special competition. You had to be on the webinar to enter.

From 7:30pm we put the paintbrushes to one side, tucked the kids in bed and continued with our evening… Take one, once steam apprentice, Cornish lady with the renowned Burrell Showman’s ‘The Gladiator’, apply time – punctuated with summertime steam – 10 years of signwriting work and end up with Dr. Goodwin, traditional signwriter and University lecturer!

We joined Amy Goodwin and Rob Wing for what was an exciting evening exploring her many talents, stories and knowledge of signwriting for steam engines and fairground art.