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Authorised Water Extraction Scheme

Despite its best efforts the NTET must report that its aspirations to secure a legal and affordable water extraction scheme for road going engines has failed to come to fruition, there is no Authorised Water Extraction Scheme as described in our earlier postings. None of the UK’s water utilities appear to want to help us ensure that we can preserve our heritage with steam on the road. This is the very disappointing conclusion we have come to.

However, the arrangement to obtain a Calm Networks Certificate is still in place and accordingly, in order to demonstrate that we are mindful of the need to protect the water network, we encourage engine owners and crew members to become registered with this scheme. And, importantly, if crew do intend to take water from the Utilities’ network, they use only equipment fitted with double check valves. It is important that the Calm Network Training practises are applied at all times.

We will advise of any future developments which allow us to reach our original objectives of securing agreement to extract water, at will from any point on the water network, and at economic rates.

For more information and to register with the Calm Network Training scheme email