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Pattern Register

This listing shows available patterns that are held by individuals, who will either lend/hire a pattern, or supply a casting from their pattern. No patterns are held by the Trust, nor does the Trust get involved in either party’s contractual arrangements. By contacting with your membership number and the details of the pattern/s concerned, the contact information will be supplied for your use.

This list is not exhaustive; there are several large collections of patterns, many with commercial owners, which we would be pleased to include in the list. Please contact:

Ref NumberEngine makeEngine TypeDescription of PatternNotes
AP001BHAveling & PorterR10 RollerSlide Valve 
AP002BWAveling & PorterR10 RollerBig End Bearing shells 
AP003BWAveling & PorterR10 RollerCrankshaft Bearings 
AP004BWAveling & PorterR10 RollerFirebarsSee Miscelleneous Section
AP005BWAveling & PorterR10 Roller2 Halves of Piston 
AP006BWAveling & PorterTractionLamp Bracket 
AP007DCAveling & Porter3HP DCC Slide ValveCylinder Block 
AP008CDAveling & Porter8 Ton Piston ValveCylinder Cover front 
AP009DHAveling & PorterO/head Valve CylinderMain Cyl block coverSuitable for royalty engine numbers between 3387 to 5467
AP010DHAveling & PorterO/head Valve CylinderTriangular steam access cover 
AP011DHAveling & PorterO/head Valve CylinderHP & LP valve chest covers 
AP012DHAveling & PorterO/head Valve CylinderHP & LP Cyl end covers 
AP013DHAveling & PorterO/head Valve CylinderBoiler mounted feed pump 
AP014DHAveling & PorterO/head Valve CylinderLarge & Small valves for pump 
AP015CKAveling & PorterF type piston valve R10Eccentric Strap 
AP016ILAveling & PorterAB RollerMain Gear Spider 
AP017PJAveling & PorterAD Compound RollerBig End Bearing shells 
AP017PJAveling & PorterAD Compound RollerFirebars 
AP017PJAveling & PorterAD Compound RollerPiston Rod Glands 
AP017PJAveling & PorterAD Compound RollerSlide Valve 
AP018DEAveling & PorterE / F TypeSafety Valve Spring Shrouds 
AP019DEAveling & PorterE / F TypePressure relief drain cocks 
AP020NWAveling & Porter Pump – round flange 
AP021DRAveling & Porter Check valve 
AP022JCAveling & PorterRollerForks 
B001MFBurrell No. 180 Pump Clack 
B002MFBurrell T409 Loose Cover HP Cyl 
B003MFBurrell T410 Loose Cover LP Cyl 
B004MFBurrell R2801 Cover for Steam Chest HP
B005MFBurrell T953 Cyl water filler flange 
B006MFBurrell CL13 Live Steam starting valve 
B007MFBurrell D Gland for stop valve 
B008MFBurrell M Gland for piston rod 
B009MFBurrell E Gland for slide valve spindle 
B010MFBurrell C2781 Gauge frame top bracket 
B011MFBurrell Shiphams 5/8” gauge frametop & bottom
B012MFBurrell Shiphams 1/2” bent nose valvewaterlifter
B013LLBurrellScenic R LJib Crane end tube casting 
B014LLBurrellScenic R LCover plate for P3C Dynamo 
B015LLBurrellScenic R LGovernor Valve 
B016LLBurrellScenic R LHigh Gear pinion Fork Shaft 
B017LLBurrellScenic R LFlywheel Cap 
B018LLBurrellScenic R LBlowdown Valve 
B019LLBurrellScenic R LSpring Position Pointer 
B020LLBurrellScenic R LGuard Rail Finials P3C P8C Dynamo
B021HSBurrell Water hose bracket (3 fitted) 
B022HSBurrell6 nhpChimney Base 
B023JBBurrell Blowdown cock 
B024DRBurrell Crosshead guide 
B025DRBurrell Spring Position Pointer 
B026DRBurrell Steering worm 
B027DRBurrell Blowdown cock 
B028RWBurrellRoller 10tonFirehole door 
B029HHBurrell6 nhp TEFront wheel retainer 
B030HHBurrell6 nhp TERound front axle 
B031HHBurrell6 nhp TEFront axle swivel yolk 
B032CDBurrell6, 7, & 8 nhp TECast iron Chimneyclass C 4’ 6” tall
CS001DSClaytonSingle 6-7nhpR H Trunk Guide 
CS002DSClaytonSingle 6-7nhpCylinder drain cock 
CS003DSClaytonSingle 6-7nhpMain Bearing Cap 
CS004DSClaytonSingle 6-7nhpMain Bearings 
CS005DSClaytonSingle 6-7nhpBig End Bearing 
CS006DSClaytonSingle 6-7nhp2nd Shaft Bearings 
CS007DSClaytonSingle 6-7nhpSmall 3rd Shaft Bearings 
CS008DSClaytonSingle 6-7nhpLow Water Level Motif. 
CS009DSClaytonSingle 6-7nhpTender Water Pocket 
CS010PJClaytonRL & TE 1912 onwardsFirehole Door 
CS011PJClaytonRL & TE 1912 onwardsAxle Pivot Pin Cap (smokebox) 
CS012DSClayton Pump body,galleries,clack box 
FN001JCFoden5ton wagonMain bearings 
FN002JCFoden5ton wagonRegulator valve 
FN003HNFoden Rear axle box top & bottomnear side
FN004HNFoden Small end bearings 
FN005HNFoden Crosshead 
FN006HNFoden Perch bracket 
FN007TSFodenCompound TEPerch bracket 
FN008HSFoden6ton wagonFirehole door + baffleleft hand operated
FN009HSFoden6ton wagonChimney base & ring 
FN010HSFoden Bearings- rear axle 
FN011HSFoden Bearing housing+ cap rear axle 
FN012HSFoden Gear shift fork 
FN013HSFoden Cylinder covers HP LP 
FN014HSFoden Steering nut 
F001BHFowlerB5Big ends 
F002BHFowlerVariousScrewed drain cock bodies 
F003BHFowlerVarious180deg. Flanged steam valves 
F004BHFowlerRoad LocoSteersman Footstep-Gearcase 
F005BHFowlerAA6 AA7Big Ends 
F006BHFowlerAA6 AA7Boiler Crown Valve Body-3 flange
F007BHFowlerBB – BB1Chimney base ring 
F008BHFowlerBB – BB1Rear axle bearing cap 
F009BHFowlerBB – BB1Gear change selector ring 
F010BHFowlerBB – BB13rd Shaft bearings 
F011BHFowlerAA6 AA7 Z7 DN rllrFirebars 
F012AHFowlerMagdeburg Ploughing ELower smokebox door plate 
F013GTFowler Water lifter (clip on hose) 
F014GTFowler Waterlift Hose strainer 06784 
F015GTFowler Lubricator bend 05983 
F016GTFowlerRoller D2Headstock Swivel block 06797 
F017GTFowlerFirebarsStandard + end 35” long 
F018HSFowlerClass DExhaust Pipe 
F019HSFowlerClass DCompensating Gear pinion + bush
F020HSFowler Tender Step 
F021HSFowler Large end Flanged oil cup & lid 
F022JSFowler Gear patterns of various types 
F023RCFowler Standard firehole door 
F024RCFowler Waterlifter screw on type 
F025RCFowler Cylinder drain cock 
F026RCFowler Flanged oil cups 
F027RCFowler Screwed oil cups 
F028JBFowler Blowdown cock 
F029JBFowler Waterlevel test cocks 
F030JBFowlerB5other ‘unspecified patterns’ 
F031GDFowler Check valves 
F032GDFowler Toolbox 
F033GDFowlerClass DChimney Base 
F034GDFowlerT3Piston – HP 
F035GDFowlerDHSlide valve 
F036GDFowler Water level plate 
F037GDFowler Starting Cock 
F038GDFowler Tank Service cock 
F039GDFowler Cylinder Drain cock 
F040GDFowler Conical seat washers-check valve
F041GDFowler Taper washout plugs 
F042GDFowlerBB1Upright shaft bushes 
F043GDFowlerBB1Exhaust Pipe 
F044GDFowlerBB1Front wheel bushes 
F045GDFowlerBB13rd Shaft bearings 
F046GDFowlerK73rd Shaft bearings 
F047IBFowlerR3Chimney Base 
F048GTFowlerB4 B5 B6Chimney base – hinged type31 1/2 inch diameter
F049GTFowlerB4 B5 B6Chimney bottom ring – hinged t 
F050TEFowlerDNA rollerBalance weight + corebox 
The following Fowler patterns relate to B6 Superlion ‘ONWARD’  
F100FowlerB62nd shaft 3rd speed pinion 
F101FowlerB62nd shaft bearing cap LH & RH 
F102JCFowlerB62nd shaft bearings 
F103FowlerB62nd shaft cap spacers 
F104FowlerB62nd shaft slow speed pinion 
F105JCFowlerB63rd Shaft bearings 
F106FowlerB63rd Shaft driving platesinner & centre
F107FowlerB6Balance weights 
F108JCFowlerB6Big end Bearings 
F109FowlerB6Brake main lever arm 
F110FowlerB6Brake shoe arms 
F111FowlerB6Brake top bracket 
F113GDFowlerB6Chimney Base 
F114GDFowlerB6Chimney bottom ring 
F115ADFowlerB6Clack boxes 
F116FowlerB6Clutch gear bearing 
F117JCFowlerB6Crane tower pulley 
F118JCFowlerB6Crane tower top brkt 
F119FowlerB6Crank bearing capsLH & RH
F120JCFowlerB6Crank bearings 
F121FowlerB6Crank cap spacers 
F122FowlerB6Crank/2nd shaft housingsLH& RH
F123FowlerB6Crankshaft pinionsslow, fast, & 3rd
F124FowlerB6Cylinder drain cocks 
F125FowlerB6Cylinder front covers 
F126ADFowlerB6Displacement lubricator 
F127GDFowlerB6Firehole door & Hinge 
F129FowlerB6Flywheel cap 
F130FowlerB6Front axle 
F131FowlerB6Front axle pivot 
F132FowlerB6Front hubcaps 
F133FowlerB6Front spring shackle 
F134FowlerB6Front wheel bushes 
F135FowlerB6Front wheel hubs 
F136FowlerB6Gear change bracketLH & RH
F137FowlerB6Gearchange brackets 
F138GDFowlerB6J Fowler small name ring 
F139FowlerB6Lower guide bars 
F140FowlerB6Main brake arm 
F141FowlerB6Oil box lids 
F143JCFowlerB6Pump eccentric strap 
F144FowlerB6Pump eccentric/gear/pinion 
F145FowlerB6Pump gland 
F146FowlerB6Pushing bracket insert 
F147JCFowlerB6Rear axle bearings 
F148FowlerB6Draw bar insert 
F149FowlerB6Hubcaps – rear 
F150FowlerB6Regulator bracket 
F151FowlerB6Safety valve plate 
F152JCFowlerB6Small end bearings 
F153FowlerB6Smokebox door baffle spacer 
F154FowlerB6Spring gear hornblocks 
F155JCFowlerB6Spring gear inner legs 
F156FowlerB6Steering bracket LH 
F157FowlerB6Steering chain barrel 
F158GDFowlerB6Steering wheel 
F159FowlerB6Tender Brake tube 
F160JCFowlerB6Tender pulley 
F161JCFowlerB6Tender pulley brkt 
F162FowlerB6Tender steps 
F163JCFowlerB6Valve eccentric straps 
F164JCFowlerB6Valve guide bushes 
F165FowlerB6Weighshaft Brkt 



6-7-8 nhp Feed Pump Clack Delivery Elbow

G001AHGarrett4CDPump suction & delivery valve manifold
G002AHGarrett4CDBrake handle support bracket 
G003AHGarrett4CDN/side Clack valve body 
G004AHGarrett4CDFlywheel brke shoe support brktTR126
G005AHGarrett4CDFlywheel brke shaft support brktCR6
G006AHGarrett4CDBig end bearings 
G007AHGarrett4CDsmall end bushes 
G008 AHGarrett4CDSteam turret manifold-gauge glassTR90
G009AHGarrett4CDSpacer & dart holder-smokebox door
G010AHGarrett4CDDart bar bracket-smokebox 
G011AHGarrett4CDBush- Pump drive reduction shaft
G012AHGarrett4CDBush- Diff loose bevel 
G013AHGarrett4CDBush- Diff planet carrier 
G014AHGarrett4CDChimney base ring 
G015AHGarrett unidentified pattern SL168 
G016AHGarrett unidentified spherical taper cock2 bolt flange
G017TWGarrettTE 6,7 &8 nhpSlide valve 
M001DDMarshallTE 7nhpBlast pipe no. 16894 
M002DDMarshallTE 7nhpGovernor spring guard 
M003DDMarshallTE 7nhpGovernor slide 
M004DDMarshallTE 7nhpGovernor valve 
M005DDMarshallTE 7nhpCrankshaft Bearings 
M006DDMarshallTE 7nhpChimney bottom flange 
M007DDMarshallTE 7nhpBig End bearing 
M008DRMarshall Check valve 
M009BHMarshall Blowdown Valve body 
M010BHMarshall Compound big end bearings 
M011BHMarshall Compound 90deg drain cock 
M012BHMarshall Crosshead slipper 
RN001NWRansomes6nhp PortPump – circular flange 
RN002VWRansomes7 nhp TEPerch bracketNo.7 NT 199
RY001BSRobey8ton tractor type rollerRear axle bearings 
RY002BSRobey8ton tractor type rollerBig end bearings 
R001DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpHub Caps – front & rear 
R002DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpPiston Ring 
R003DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpWater lifter elbow 
R004DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpWater pump outlet elbowcore box only
R005DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpTender step 
R006DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpOil Can tray 
R007DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpBush – 2nd shaft 
R008DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpSteam valve & gland topinjector & water lifter
R009DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpOiler lid & flapfor 2 1/2” fitting
R010DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpBush 3rd shaft – small end 
R011DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpCross head slipper 
R012DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpWhistle Elbow 
R013DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpWheel oiler tube cap 
R014DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpBlow down valve – 3 parts 
R015DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpPiston rod gland 
R016DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpValve rod gland 
R017DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpInjector stop & clack valve body
R018DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpWater pump delivery pipe tee piece
R019DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpWinch drum + core box 
R020DPRuston ProctorTE 7nhpBush – Bull Wheel7 3/8” x 9 5/8” x 6 1/2” lg
R021MTRuston ProctorTE 7nhp SHCrankshaft bearings 
R022MTRuston ProctorTE 7nhp SHCountershaft bearings 
Miscelleneous Section length, width, & type 
FB001BWFirebar 34 1/2” x 2 3/4” double 
FB002BWFirebar 33 3/4” x 2 5/8” double 
FB003BWFirebar 28 7/8” x 2 1/4” double 
FB004BWFirebar 29 1/2” x 2 1/4” double 
FB005BWFirebar 29 1/4” x 2 1/4” double 
FB006BWFirebar 29 1/2” x 1 3/4” double side 
FB007BWFirebar 29 3/4” x 2” double side bar 
FB008BWFirebar 30 3/4” x 1 3/4” Single 
FB009BWFirebar 23 1/4” x 2” single