Membership Subscription Changes

Membership subscription changes were agreed by your General Council and discussed in detail at the latest Annual General Meeting held in November of last year.

It is never easy to implement a price increase, especially during such hard financial times.  You will see below the Trust needed, as a matter of urgency, to review its membership subscription rates. The Steam Apprentice Club is not affected by these changes.

In the latest copy of Steaming, Treasurer Amy Reynolds outlined in detail the facts, figures and rationale behind the rates increases.

The good news is:
If all members (who pay UK income tax) tick the Gift Aid box when renewing their subscription, your Trust will be able to reclaim 25% of the value of those renewals from HMRC (at no extra cost to our members).  This will help in funding the many issues we are dealing with here and now and postpone any further increases in future years. 

We are introducing a Direct Debit payment method which will make renewal easier for members and simplify our internal membership management system, thereby saving costs.

We are embarked on another audit of all Trust costs, ensuring we put your subscription payments to the very best of use.

Membership Increase Explained:

  • Last membership increase was in 2011
  • The Trust has been operating at a loss since 2014
  • Enables us to claim Gift Aid
  • Direct Debit method of payment is coming
  • We have now de-registered for VAT
  • We need a fighting fund!

Type of membership with increase:

NTET Individual Membership: £30.00 to £38.00
Affiliated Club Membership: £30.00 to £38.00
Joint Membership: £45.00 to £57.00
Fam 1 (1 NTET + 1 SAC): £45.00 to £53.00
Fam 2 (1 NTET + 2 SAC): £52.50 to £60.50
Fam 3 (2 NTET + 1 SAC): £60.00 to £72.00
Fam 4 (2 NTET + 2 SAC): £67.50 to £79.50

Steam Apprentice Club membership remains at £15.00 for individual and £22.50 for joint SAC.