Ffos-y-fran Coal Mine Appeal – Heritage Road Steam Impact

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Following on from our update on Friday 7th July where we shared that we had been made aware that the representatives involved in the appeal process for the Ffos-y-fran coal mine were now seeking letters of support from the heritage sector and that a communication via one of those avenues was in circulation. At that time clarification on where to address those letters was unclear.

We can now confirm that the email address we are kindly requested to send our letters of support to is as follows: steamcoal@hsgplc.co.uk. It is also suggested that you may send a copy to your local MP and any other political figure relevant to your region or club if writing on behalf of a society etc.

Letters from individuals are actively encouraged and it is preferable if these are written on a personal basis rather than a template letter. However, we felt it may be helpful if we provided some bullet points of the topics to consider including and a link to the information leaflet put together last year on road steam’s contribution to tourism and leisure along with its estimated extremely minimal CO2 impact. CO2 ‘Stats’ Leaflet – NTET

Download – Ffos-y-fran Coal Mine Appeal – Heritage Road Steam Impact

Many thanks and if you feel compelled to add your voice in support of the appeal to grant Ffos-y-fran permission to continue mining steam coal to the original appeal terms, then please write to the address provided above and construct the argument as you see pertinent to you and our hobby.